Custom Home featuring a total Crestron Home Automation System

Hancock Park

Los Angeles, CA

In the idyllic Hancock Park area in Los Angeles, CA lies a historic pillared Beaux Art mansion dubbed the “White House of the West”. The estate has been the home away from home for four sitting US presidents, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Johnson and Nixon, as well as countless other dignitaries and artists for over a century. The grandiose home was designed by Julia Morgan in 1911, the famous 19th century architect who was the master mind behind the creation of the world-renowned Hearst Castle. The home was later inhabited by Norman and Dorothy Chandler. Mrs Chandler lived in the house until her death in 1997.

Crestron Lighting Control System was installed in this kitchen

When the current owners of the estate decided on a long overdue restoration, they wanted to replace the 9,059 sq. ft home’s antiquated systems with a state-of-the-art Integrated Technology System but at the same time be very careful to not disturb the immense historical value of the home. The owners called upon the careful craftsmanship of Digitronic and its skilled professionals to undertake this painstaking job. Digitronic had to balance the historic nature of the home and yet push the limits of innovation to bring it into the 21st century. This was done by working closely with designers and contractors to seamlessly bridge the gap between old and new.

“One of the major systems that were discussed early on in the process was the lighting control system,” says Fredrik Bystedt, system designer for Digitronic. “Great Lighting Control really takes a home to a whole another level and really makes a house aesthetically more pleasing and simplifies use. I think it is the most important system and should always be done in larger homes, but it is often not the case”. Fortunately, not in this situation. All the lighting loads were integrated using a Crestron Lighting Control System. Instead of banks of 5-6 dimmers in a row, Digitronic installed stylish keypads in its place. “The owners were very excited,” says Bystedt. They can now walk in to the kitchen and instead of juggling 6-7 dimmers on the wall, one button press sets a beautiful room mode with the different light levels already programmed to blend perfectly. It is also really convenient to be able to turn off all the lights in the house from a touch panel by the bedside, especially with a house of this size.

Crestron Lighting COntrol System was installed in this Dining Room

In addition to the lighting control, Digitronic also designed and installed all the audio, video, security, 9 zones of heating/air-conditioning control as well as the cameras, data and phone system. Integration with the pool and irrigation system were also provided for.

The complete redo has catapulted this historic home right into the 21st century, and Digitronic’s commitment to detail and revolutionary style has helped add another chapter to the history of this great mansion.


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Camera System



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Digital Phone System



Data Networking



Sprinkler Integration


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