Featured Project Highlights

This section features some of our recently competed more noteworthy projects that we have been part of. They range from a 
more classical style to the modern where the technology played an essential role and truly made them Smart Homes.


Historical home featuring a Crestron Automation System

Hancock Park Project:   

Historic Home Goes High Tech

Los Angeles, CA

In the idyllic Hancock Park area in Los Angeles, CA lies a historic pillared Beaux Art mansion dubbed the “White House of the West”. The estate has been the home away from home for four sitting US presidents, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Johnson and Nixon, as well as countless other dignitaries and artists for a century. The grandiose home was designed by Julia Morgan in 1911, the famous 19th century architect who was the master mind behind the creation of the world-renowned Hearst Castle.


Custom Home Theater Installation featuring a Crestron control system

Hollywood Hills Project:

Home Control For A Modern House

Hollywood, CA

In the planning stage of building their new home, the owners of a newly bought piece of property in the Hollywood Hills called on the years of experience of Digitronic. The company has gained respect in the industry for their seamless design, engineering and ability to provide installation of fully integrated Home Technology Systems. The owners wanted to ensure a simple-to-use and reliable system which gives complete control of the home in a simple and intuitive way.


Custom Home with a Crestron Home Automation System

Los Feliz Project:

Audio Visual Galore

Los Angeles, CA

When the owner of a newly purchased property in the Los Feliz area decided to do a total remodel of the existing home, Digitronic, Inc. was contracted to provide all the low voltage systems. The original home was built in the 1920s, sitting on a magnificent piece of property overlooking Los Angeles with an 180 degree view, but was long overdue for a total renovation. A whole new wing was added, and a separate building that was designed and built for the Home Theater expanding the living spaces to just above 13,000 Sq FT.


Custom Home with a Crestron Home Automation System

Hacienda Heights Project:

Caribbean with a twist

Hacienda Heights, CA

Hidden high above Hacienda, CA is a Caribbean style house with a pool landscape that is every child's dream. From water falls to a slide, this will be the talk among the kids in the neighborhood. The house was completed in 2010 after 2 years of construction that included among other things a dedicated theater room, 2 media room system and a total of 8 television.


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